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Matt & Christina's Reception

I recently setup a table at a local bridal expo and it was interesting to talk with couples as they passed by. Many had not even considered getting a wedding video done. For those who were interested it was a lot of fun discussing the various video packages available and watching their enthusiasm grow.

It’s one thing to book a wedding videographer to capture the events of your wedding day, but it’s another to be aware of certain things which will make your wedding video look even better. A few small considerations made during the planning stages will make all the difference.

The first thing to think about is the layout and of your wedding ceremony. Where will you and your fiance stand? Which way will you be facing? Where will your guests be seated? When it comes to video, where do you think the best location would be for the videographer to setup his camera and tripod?

Often I use two cameras during a ceremony. I like to keep one camera on a tripod, focused on the bride and groom. The second camera is usually positioned on the opposite side to provide an alternative perspective. This camera also captures friends and family as they watch the ceremony. Take a moment to consider where the cameras might be best placed when you are attending your ceremony rehearsal.

It’s also a very good idea to notify your Priest or Celebrant that you plan on having your wedding ceremony filmed and ask if they would be agreeable to wearing a lapel mic for the video camera. This will ensure the spoken words are recorded clearly. If a lapel mic is not suitable, the next best thing is to take note of where the PA speaker will be located and we can then attach a mic to the speaker.

If you are planning on getting married outdoors, visit the location during the exact time that you plan on having your wedding ceremony and note where the sun is. Will you have direct sunlight on your face? Will you be in shade? Sunlight can greatly affect the video, especially when you have a very bright background.

Wedding Videos Melissa and Craig celebrate their wedding at Stradbroke Island

Melissa and Craig celebrate their wedding

Beach weddings are particularly challenging because not only might you have the sunlight in your eyes, but you will also have the glare from the ocean in the background.

The next and final thing to consider is the lighting at your reception. Basically the more light, the better. Low light can result in video images becoming grainy or noisy. This doesn’t mean you have to have all the house lights turned on, but if you are able to plan with the venue to have some lighting in the area in which you plan to have the speeches for example, it would make a big difference. This light can be dimmed again after the speeches of course.

As with the ceremony, take a moment to think about where a tripod mounted camera would best be positioned for the speeches too. Usually I set my camera alongside the tables and providing the speaker is facing towards me, this is fine. But in larger receptions with more tables and more guests, it might be a good idea to reserve a small area for the videographer which is centrally located with a great view to the lectern.

So there you have it. Just a couple small things you may like to think about if you decide to have a wedding video. Of course I have filmed in many different environments and with that experience you can be assured that no matter what, I will capture the best shots possible. But a little planning can make a world of difference and ensure that watching your video in the years to come will always be a most enjoyable experience!

Happy Weddings!


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