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Gemma & Jayden’s Wedding Video at Tangalooma Island

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Gemma & Jayden

Gemma & Jayden

Last weekend I traveled to Tangalooma Island to video Gemma & Jayden’s beach wedding. My wife and I boarded Tangalooma Flyer and departed Brisbane mainland at 10am.

On the way over we met Josh from White Pearl Photography who was also on his way to shoot the wedding.

It wasn’t long before we arrived on the island and made our way to meet with Jayden at the Kookaburra Lodge for some preparation photos and video.

Then we relocated to Gemma’s apartment where she was having her make-up and hair done. After shooting some preparation footage with her I moved on to setup on location for the ceremony.

Gemma and Jayden’s wedding ceremony was relaxed and intimate, held in the gardens overlooking the white sandy beach. It was followed with a photo/video shoot along the beach at sunset.

This was my 3rd wedding shoot at Tangalooma and although it can be challenging with the bright sunlit sky and water as background, it also provides some stunning scenery at sunset.

Wild Dolphin at Tangalooma

A wild dolphin swims by the jetty at Tangalooma

It was also my 2nd wedding working with celebrant Marie Pentland, whom I highly recommend! Marie provides a very friendly and personal service and is always a pleasure to work with.

It was a great day for me as far as wedding shoots go. Nice surroundings, lovely families, exceptional work colleagues and we even got to see a few wild dolphins feeding by the jetty.

My equipment for the day consisted of my trusty old Sony Z1 MiniDV camcorder and my Canon 60D DSLR.

I also took my newly purchased Sturdycam camera stabilizer to try out but alas, I accidentally left the balancing rods at home!

Special thanks to Gemma & Jayden, Josh, Marie, Henk and of course my wife, Grace x.

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