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A beautiful day to get married at Springfield Lakes

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As a wedding videographer I get much satisfaction knowing the wedding video I capture and edit on a wedding day will be cherished for many years to come.

It’s an honor and a privilege to be asked to produce a wedding video, and a happy event is made even more fun because I often find myself meeting and getting to know some fantastic people.

Melissa & Stewart’s wedding day was one such event. Read More

Wedding Videos Brisbane Katy Adrian

Katy & Adrian’s Wedding Video

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For me, producing wedding videos brings not only a sense of satisfaction because I know my work will be watched and kept for many years to come, but they also bring me the opportunity to meet and experience different cultures and traditions.

Katy & Adrian booked me to film their wedding reception at The Bearded Dragon and I had a great time, not only because they were lovely people with beautiful families and children, but also because I finally got to film a Haka being performed at a wedding.

I’ve seen the Haka performed live about 4 times now, including a couple times when I was holidaying in New Zealand years ago. There’s nothing like it, it’s such a powerful performance.

My wedding reception package includes guests arrivals, speeches, cake cutting, bridal waltz (or Haka!) and of course any other events that you can fit into a 4 hour period.

Click here for more information about my most requested wedding video packages or alternatively you can contact me here.

Thanks to Katy and Adrian for choosing me to video their wedding!

Wedding videos with a view at Mt Tamborine

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I love filming wedding videos at Mt Tamborine.

So I was of course really happy when Scott & Estelle asked me to video their wedding there in April 2012.

Maybe it’s the mountain air or the charm of the countryside, but every wedding I have filmed there has been a pleasure.

I first arrived at Scott’s residence where we filmed some great preparation footage.

He and his boys were great in front of the camera, even performing a couple scenes from their favourite TV shows before recording some quick video messages for the bride.

Then I visited Estelle and her girls as they were putting on the final touches of make up and clothes adjustments.

Scott and Estelle had their wedding ceremony at the Mt Tamborine Gardens Chapel, followed with a photo shoot in the gardens and at Mt Tamborine lookout at sunset.

At the reception their were some great speeches, a delicious dinner and some fun dancing which topped off a great wedding.

Wedding Videographer Brisbane

Indian Wedding Celebrations

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In this first half of 2012 I have so far had the privilege of filming 3 Indian wedding celebrations.

Indian wedding videos are full of colour and there is always plenty of dancing and food!

It has been a real joy to film such celebrations and also to meet the families and learning about their traditions.

Often, these wedding celebrations occur over 2 or 3 separate dates.

Please enjoy this short highlights video which features footage from all 3 of the Indian weddings I have attended this year.

Garima & Ameet – Saturday February 4 – A lavish affair held at The Auditorium, RNA Showgrounds and featuring the amazing Sher-a-Punjab dancers.

Rohit & Katikee – Saturday March 3 &  Saturday March 17 – I first filmed Rohit’s celebration at the family home which included beautiful food and plenty of singing and dancing. The happy couples reception was held at The Hilton and I had a great night working with a great photographer friend, Yohti.

Paul & Shafi – Saturday May 26 & Monday May 28 – An intimate dinner and celebration at the Rangla Punjab restaurant followed by the wedding ceremony a couple days later.

If you would like more information about wedding videos, contact me here.


Wedding Videos Blitz

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I have a new personal best – four wedding video shoots in just two week-ends!

Melissa & Nick (Wedding Videos Brisbane)

Melissa & Nick

It all started with a lovely beach ceremony at Kingscliffe for Melissa & Nick.

Blessed with perfect weather and warm sunshine, friends and family gathered together to share and enjoy the happy couple’s wedding ceremony.

After the ceremony there was plenty of smiles and hugs as friends and family gave their congratulations.

Mel & Nick held a photo shoot overlooking the beach before moving on for photos at various locations before returning to party with their guests at the reception.

It was a fun night with some emotional speeches and plenty of laughter.

A good time was had by all but it wasn’t long before I had to pack up my equipment and head home to prepare for my next wedding video shoot the very next day!

Sunday April 1 was the day Cristina married Jared. I met Jared and his groomsmen at the Broadway Chapel and filmed some prep footage as their many guests arrived.

I had attended Cristina’s wedding ceremony rehearsal a few days earlier so I knew what to expect during the ceremony. I also shot some footage during the rehearsal which will be included in their highlights package.

Cristina arrived with her girls and before too long the ceremony was underway.

It was standing room only in the Chapel which made for a lovely intimate ceremony, albeit a little warm and perhaps a little uncomfortable for the guy holding a video camera :)

Wedding Photos Video Brisbane Powerhouse

Cristina and her girls show their red shoes

After the ceremony we held photos and video shoots at New Farm park, which was super busy!

People everywhere, but we were able to get some fantastic shots and I’m particularly looking forward to editing the footage shot at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Then we packed up the gear and headed to Easts Leagues at Coorparoo for a gala reception, during which Cristina impressed with her musical talents by performing with her band!

At this point I will mention that during Cristina’s wedding day, I had the pleasure of working with Mary-Jane from Mary-Jane Photography and Design.

Mary-Jane (‘MJ’) is a professional wedding photographer from Brisbane whom I highly recommend!

So it was 2 wedding videos down with 2 to go!

It was almost the Easter weekend when I had a last minute booking to film Kylie & Daniel’s wedding ceremony at Hillstone St Lucia on Easter Saturday.

What a fantastic day, beautiful weather and lovely friends and family.

I brought a good friend and talented camera operator along with me to assist with the day’s shooting.

We had a total of 4 cameras between us and were able to cover the ceremony and photo shoot from all angles.

This was also the first wedding that I have used my new Panasonic AG-AF100 HD video camera – a camera that I had only just purchased the day before!

Wedding Video St Lucia Hillstone

Daniel & Kylie enjoying their photo shoot at Hillstone St Lucia

Kylie and Daniel chose the ‘Our Ceremony‘ package which includes up 4 hours on location. This package is great value for people who are celebrating both their ceremony and photo shoot at the same location.

Another benefit of having your ceremony, photo shoot and reception all at one location is everything can be more relaxed. You and your guests don’t have to travel from place to place and they can spend more time being together and enjoying your special day.

After the ceremony we had a short video and photo shoot in and around some golfing greens and among the awesome big old trees that line the fairways.

We finished up our shoot with some shots of the reception area.

Next up on my marathon wedding video shoot was Scott & Estelle, who were married at Tamborine Gardens.

Scott & Estelle selected the ‘Our Wedding Day’ video package which includes up to 9 hours on location and incorporate all of the day’s events, starting of course with the bride & groom preparations.

I began the shoot with Scott and his boys. They were already suited and booted upon my arrival and I was very happy to see that Scott and his entourage were more than happy to play up for the cameras. All of the guys left quick video messages for the bride-to-be and even acted our their own scene from a popular television show.


Scott & Estelle share a sunset moment at Mt Tamborine

Then I moved on to meet Estelle and her girls and gathered some more great preparation footage.

Time for a quick photo shoot, some final touches to her hair and make-up and then I was off again, this time to get to the Chapel to setup my cameras and wait for her arrival along with friends and family.

The ceremony was held at the Tamborine Chapel and the surrounding gardens provided a beautiful backdrop for the photo shoot which followed.

So there you have it, four weddings in two consecutive week-ends!

Now, it’s time to get editing!

Happy weddings :)



Maiya & Shaun’s Wedding Video

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Maiya told me she really liked some wedding videos she had seen which used the effect of an 8mm film. I had not used that effect before and so this was a great opportunity for me give it a shot.

It was a very special day for both families and the ceremony was also beamed live to family in the states via Skype. We had a great day with everyone and it’s been a lot of fun producing their wedding video.

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